There have been plethora of books on spirituality and self help in the market. No doubt most of them are good and helpful, but there are two writers whose teachings have been very direct.

They attack and destroy the ego of seekers by bits and pieces as you continue to…

Here I am just posting an answer that I gave to one of the questions relating to shoonya meditation course on quora.

Question — What are your experiences of Shoonya meditation taught by Sadhguru? How does it help hasten one’s evolution in Spiritual sadhana?

Answer — I would say courses…

Just an hour ago I saw below video posted by FitTuber, one of my favorites YouTuber.

He has done a good job in analysing and decoding the cause and remedies of constipation from texts like charaka samhita and sushruta samhita. …

Indian media is really trash, they don’t have any quality content which is properly researched. You know why we never get to see any documentary on our news channels because it takes time and other resources to create such quality content but for most of the Indian journalists and TV…

I read below couplet of Kabir and it beautifully defined the longing of a devotee to dissolve into his Deity/God because ultimately it is the dissolution that brings joy to humans.

Jab main tha tab hari nahin ab hari hai main nahin
Prem gali ati saankri jaame do na samahi

जब मैं था तब हरि नहीं अब हरि है मैं नाहीं |
प्रेम गली अति सांकरी जामें दो न समाहीं ||

When I existed, Hari(God)was not there, now I have ceased to exist so Hari is here

This street of Love is too narrow that two can’t be there at a single time.

I am nobody in front of Kabir Das to give commentry on his couplets, only thing here I will…

Words begin with silence & end in silence,

Silence is prior and subsequent to all types of sound,

Expressions or speech have certain boundaries and time span, silence is limitless and all pervading,

In morning you wake up from indescribable silence and you merge with utter silence again during night time,

There was silence in your mother's womb, at the death bed you will again collapse into the unknown silence,

What does this convey, sir?

Your origin and destination is silence,

But irony is most people don't experience even a single moment of silence,

Some keep chasing it some keep avoiding it, both seem to be deluded,

You need not to plug your ears to experience the silence I am talking about, it can even be experienced amidst the violent riot,

You can’t hear it yet its intensity is louder than all the words.


It has a become a fashionable trend and obsession these days to raise your voice to support the social issues and any ongoing protest without any understanding what is the reason which led to this massive protest. People who have never talked to a farmer in their life, people who…

FSSAI and FDA are authorities in India which from time to time fetches the food samples from any shop/restaurant/factory/godown to check whether it is adulterated or safe to be consumed.

Sometimes these sampling is done by the health department of the city/state and in both the cases if sample turns…

GDP is essentially a parameter of a country’s greed level, more greedy a country’s population is, more will be their desires and needs, then more opportunities they will seek to accumulate more money, more they will consume and spend, hence more contribution they will add to the country’s GDP value…

In most of the old Indian houses, besides the entrance gate, there is always one dedicated area where all of your kitchen organic waste was collected. That was their way of creating a compost bin, but there manure was not made by burying down wet waste in the soil like…

Shiva Shambhu

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